In order to get started as an expert on Kolabtree, you will need to make sure your profile is fully filled in and approved. 

There are 3 ways you are able to submit your proposals for projects:

1. A client might personally invite you to a project: this is when the client has hand picked you from our Browse Experts Page, and is eager to get in touch with you to start working on this project.

2. Our team at Kolabtree will be inviting you to projects that we believe you will be a good fit for.

3. You can visit the "Browse Projects" page ( where you can search for projects and proceed to submit your proposal.

Once your proposal has been submitted, the client will then chose to start a discussion with you via the private messages. Please use this to finalize the scope of work, fee, and timelines so there are no complications post you getting hired. If the conversation with the client has gone well, they will hire you for this project. It is crucial not to start/submit any deliverables to the client before they have hired you, and also funded the project (if you have concerns about funding of the project you have been hired for, please email our team at

We encourage all of our clients to fund the project as soon as they hire you. Once you have delivered your work for the project, the client may take some time to review the deliverables to ensure everything fits the scope of work.

The payment for the project will be conducted when the client is satisfied with the results of the work, and has released the payment to you. After this point, our team will be able to transfer the funding to you.

If you have any concerns or questions during this process, you can refer to our other Helpdesk Pages here, or you can email our team at