Here are some tips on how to write a successful proposal which will get noticed by clients:

1. Always make sure to state why you would be a suitable candidate: what specific expertise/experience do you have that will assist with the scope of work presented? For example, if the project is related to formulation of a new cream, and you have a PhD in Chemical Engineering, you will need to mention your degree, and any specific expertise in chemical formulation/engineering field you have.

2. Submitting a proposal with robust objectives and milestones substantially increases the chances of the client engaging with you and hiring you for the project. Of course, this is isn't always possible, especially in cases where the client didn't include sufficient details in their project description.

In addition, you can edit the scope of work and milestones after submitting the proposal. For example, after a discussion with the client, you can modify the scope of work to include key points that will help both parties keep the project on track.


3. Make sure to make your points are not only grammatically correct, but clear and concise also. There is no strict limit on how much you are allowed to write in the proposals, however it’s important not to overwhelm the client with a large paragraph.

4. Client always look at your profile while reviewing your proposal, therefore having a complete and up to date profile, including a display photo, is crucial in increasing the chances of the client establishing contact with you.