Changing between Public, Private and Restricted project types is pretty simple on our platform;

In order to change these settings: 

  1. Please visit and login. 
  2. Next proceed to visit the “My Projects” tab where you can find all of your current projects 
  3. Click on the project you would like to adjust and the window should expand, showing an “edit project” button. 
  4. This will redirect your webpage where you can proceed to edit the project and change the project type.

Sharing the definition of our Privacy Options as given below for your quick reference:

Public project - All logged in users on Kolabtree will be able to view the project and submit their proposal. 

Private project - The only experts that are able to see your project are those you invite, and the ones that are invited by our team. 

Restricted project - The only experts who can see your project is the ones you have personally invited to your project. 

Please reach out to us via email at “” if the above does not answer your query.