1. Privacy Setting


At the beginning of posting your project, to ensure privacy and security, we have set two privacy options for you 


  1. All Kolabtree Expert: This means the project will be posted on the platform, where logged in experts on Kolabtree can view your project and submit their proposals. This enables you to interact with experts from different backgrounds and allows you to receive different approaches to your project. 
  2. Invitation Only: This means that projects will not be posted on the website, and you will be asked to invite the specific experts you wish to collaborate with. Your project manager will only try to reach out to the experts you have invited, unless you have stated otherwise.




2. Choose a category that best describes your project/ Describe what kind of service would you like to request?


There are 5 broad service categories that Kolabtree offers on its platform. You can choose a service category that best describes your project. 



3. What subject area (expertise) are you looking for? / Subject Matter Expertise from the Expert.


The next step is to enter the subject matter expertise that would be the closest match for your project. Again you can add multiple areas of expertise if you feel your project falls within various fields of science. This step will help you find the right match for your project.



4. Select the type of Sub-Service you would like the Kolabtree expert to perform/ Type or Sub-Service?


Selecting the right sub-service gives a clear understanding of what you aim to achieve with your project. If the scope of your project is large, you can choose to select multiple boxes which closely match the eventual outcome of your project.


Each category has a different set of subcategories, while the last of option OTHER under Categories gives you the option to explain the kind of service you are looking to hire for. The sub-category helps you narrow it down further.



5. What kind of task/deliverables are you looking for? 


The next section is to give the freelancer the idea for what kind of deliverables do you want from the expert.



6. Project Title/ What would you like to name your project?


A Project title is the first thing an expert notices on our website after it has been reviewed and published. Make sure to add a concise and descriptive title to give freelancers an immediate understanding of your project. Please bear in mind that the title cannot be more than 100 characters and cannot include special characters. A carefully drafted title will ensure that you receive bids from the best of the experts as soon as your project is posted.



We have also introduced our Kolabtree-consult service here, where one of team-member from customer-success will help you guide through the journey of your project including defining the scope of the project to deciding the budget for the project and also help in finding the right expert for your project


 7. Tell us more about your project/Project Description


A project description should provide the following details to the applicants

  • The problem the project will address

  • A set of goals for the project 

  • The overall objectives of the project.


A well-written description of any project makes it possible for the Expert to understand the concept and context of the proposed project and to realize whether they can add any value to the project. The more clear and specific, the better. You can attach any additional files or documents up to 100MB which would provide more information to the expert about the scope and outcome of the project.



 Here are some tips for creating a strong project summary:

  • Make it descriptive - A good summary ensures that you are providing our experts with a good sense of what a project entails.

  • Make it interesting - In addition to providing the necessary information on the project’s scope also you would want to make sure the project is enticing to our experts. The more interesting you can make your description, the more likely you’ll be to get someone who feels connected and invested in the outcome. Another way to provide interest is to give the project context.

  • Make it precise - The final consideration when creating a project summary is to include any limitations/requirements for the project or the expert. Most of the time these requirements are related to the location of the professional, payment structures, mandatory deadlines or desired language/technology/platform.

By outlining expectations, and setting clear requirements, You can ensure that only the right experts apply for each project. Creating a strong Project Description not only ensures that you’ll be attracting the right person for the job, but it also helps the client and expert have a clear line of communication from the very beginning.


8. The preferred budget for your project/ Budget Range.


We believe all projects are unique and hence the budget allocated for each of them should also be very specific, Fair based on the scope and finally something that is within your budgetary constraints. Our easy to use budget slider allows you to select a range within your allocated budget. Simply move the left slider to state your minimum and the right slider to state your maximum budget for your project. The blue text above the slider exactly tells you the range you have selected in US dollars.



Kindly follow the instructions below to select the appropriate ranges.

  1. Maximum Budget upto $1000    - The difference in Min and max should be within $50 to $500. 

  2. Maximum Budget upto $5000    - The difference in Min and max should be within $500 to $1000.

  3. Maximum Budget upto $10000  - The difference in Min and max should be within $1000 to $2000.


9. Hiring Timeline


As the name suggests, the hiring timeline is the approximate timeline you set to complete the hiring of the expert and start working on your project . Choose one of the options that exactly matches your requirements to proceed further.. 




Great, you are almost done with posting your requirement on Kolabtree, Click on the Post Project Button to reach out to Experts from all around the world and collaborate successfully on your project.



You'll have bids for your project tentatively within 24 hours. Once you have received your bid(s), it is crucial to begin engaging via private messages as soon as possible. The experts on our platform are high in demand, and after a certain period of time of no engagement, they are likely to move onto other projects. Please use the private messages to discuss the scope of work in more detail, set deadlines and milestones that this project requires. You have options to "Reject" or "Shortlist" profiles that you either like or dislike, based on their profile and proposal.


Once you are ready to hire an expert, you can click "Hire ___" in your "Proposals" tab, and fund the project. It is important to fund the project as soon as you hire the expert, as it gives them strong incentive to begin the work. Most experts on our platform are aware of the funding system, therefore they will not send any deliverables until the project is funded.


The next step is to fund the project. When you fund the project - your funds are kept safely in Escrow, and will only be released by you to the expert once the work has been completed and is up to your standard and satisfaction, or in line with the payment schedule/delivery schedule you have negotiated with the expert. You are in control, so you get to make the decisions.