Clients may find the process of choosing the right expert for their project a bit overwhelming. Since each project is different, we have listed a few pointers which may help narrow the field of choices and make the selection process easier.

We all want to ensure that we don’t pay more than necessary, but is there a limit to your budget on this project? If so, hopefully, you’ve set the budget limit accordingly in your project post.

Experts aren’t required to stay within the range of your budget with their bids, so if you have a fixed budget, start by eliminating all those bids that are above the range you set. If your budget is a little more flexible, you may want to take a closer look at that freelancer profile and their proposals before deciding on the right expert. Some experts may be worth paying a bit more to hire if it means that you end up with a better product.

New vs Experienced
We now see a growing number of experienced candidates offering their services as freelance experts and many of these may be new but extremely talented people. Many will be pricing their work a bit lower than the average, in order to establish themselves.

We recommend you to read their proposal and be sure to check out their Expert Profiles. Hiring new experts at a good price may very well work in your favor.  If your project is extremely sensitive in any way, you may want to consider experienced experts in that case.

If your project is time sensitive we recommend you to make it clear while setting the deadline. This will help you to eliminate any bids that fall outside the deadline.

On the other hand, if you find an expert quoting a deadline higher than yours, you may want to consider whether your deadline is realistic. We recommend you to view the proposal and check the expert's approach as this may lead a better quality product.

Quality of the proposal
If your project description is detailed the freelancer proposal would be a terrific way to determine if the expert took the time to read your project description. If the proposal does not take the project description into account then you can decide on rejecting those proposals.