The complete payment process on Kolabtree is as given below:

1. Once the client awards the project to an expert, the client needs to "fund" project
2. Funding a project means that the amount of funds, as agreed between the client & the expert needs to be added to the project wallet
3. Once the expert delivers on the requisite work, the client will review it and click on "Pay Freelancer" button available to them
4. As soon as the client clicks on the "Pay Freelancer" button, the funds are moved from the Project wallet to the experts Kolabtree wallet - this is done in real time
5. Within 24 hours of the client making the transfer to the expert, the funds are released to the expert via Payoneer
6. Once this is done, the expert will receive the funds in their Payoneer account within 3-5 working days

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