The bid or the proposal is an expression of interest that the expert sends to the client. We understand that while submitting a bid you need to enter a bid amount and a deadline. There could be situations though where after engaging with the client at the proposal stage you might feel the need to either change the bid amount or the deadline. The steps below outline how this can be done.

1. Login to your Kolabtree profile and click on the proposal tab.

2. Select the proposal that needs to be edited from the drop down below ''Select Project'' 

3. Now on the Proposal tab, the 1st section on the left displays the Bid amount( Fees) quoted and the deadline.

4. Click on the pencil icon next to the amount to change the bid amount or date to change the deadline.

5. To change the amount, enter the new amount in the box next to the fee, and click on ''submit revision.'' Note: If you had selected the option of VAT% to be applied when the original proposal was made, this would automatically be populated in the Apply VAT% box.

6. Once you click on submit revision this would be sent to the client for approval. The status of your bid amount would appear as below. Once approved the new amount would replace the old amount originally added.

7.To change the date, select the new date on the calendar that pops up on the screen. and click on Submit revision. As stated above in the case of Bid amount revision this would be sent to the client for approval.

Please reach out to us via email at “” if the above does not answer your query.