Kolabtree offers a safe and convenient marketplace for Clients Project owners and freelancers to collaborate and do business. Our global web-based platform and well-tailored features give users everything they need to maximize their potential, at any stage in the process of looking for talent or finding work.


For Clients and Project Owners, Kolabtree.com provides unlimited and free access to thousands of Ph.D. qualified experts from all over the world. There’s no need to run expensive ads or hire on-contract employees for short-term projects.


For Freelancers, Kolabtree allows direct access to the largest pool of projects from Businesses and Academics.

Here's a small list of service that has been outsourced to Kolabtree in the recent Past.

  1. Project on Effective ways to Learn for the sales team from a Top IT company
  2. Technical support for nanotechnology startup
  3. Thermal Energy Cooling Project from a Global Conglomerate
  4. Multiple Projects on Molecular Biology and Aging for a Clinical Pharma Analysis company
  5. literature search and review for a Genetics company